Graduating in Visual Arts, photographer Kamel Moussa is based in Brussels. Nurtured in the meeting of different cultures: Oriental and Occidental heritage shapes the essence of his identity. Moussa's images are a sequence of questioning and exploring a range of themes that are deeply personal and yet universal. Through his visual projects, Kamel Moussa's creative approach challenges and probes the standards of belonging and the boundless possibilities it unveils. His photographs extend an invitation to delve deeper into the dialogue between the individual and the collective, the familiar and the uncharted.

Diplômé en Arts de l’image, le photographe Kamel Moussa est installé à Bruxelles.Empreint d'un métissage parmi différentes cultures, Kamel Moussa trouve son identité en se nourrissant de la richesse des ses héritages culturels orientaux et occidentaux. Ses images forment des séquences d'interrogations et d'explorations, à propos de thèmes, à la fois profondément personnels et universels. À travers ses projets visuels, Kamel Moussa remet en question les normes traditionnelles de l'appartenance, tout en explorant les nombreuses possibilités qu'elles offrent. Les photographies de Moussa appellent au dialogue entre l'individu et le collectif ainsi qu'entre le familier et l'inexploré.

Photography Projects

Echoes of Identities (2022-2023)

Exploring the multifaceted nature of identity through a series of portraits that unravel layers of individuality and collective belonging across different cultural and social landscapes.

When Travel is Open to the Unexpected (2015-2023)

Born out of a life-altering accident, this intimate project serves as a journey of self-redefinition and personal exploration through the kaleidoscope of transition.

Graveyard for the Anonymous: Interlace (2017-2020)

A quest for dignity in desperation, focusing on Chemseddine, a Tunisian who provides dignified burials for nameless migrants. The project probes intersecting themes of identity, belonging, and unfulfilled dreams.

From Hope to Hiding (2014-2016)

Navigating the spectral journey from hopeful departure to the haunting sense of hiding upon return.

Unstable Balance (2012-2016)

An endeavor to bridge the gap between the young Tunisian resident I was and the young souls grappling with the aftermath of the Tunisian revolution.

Exhibitions & Professional Experiences

  • 2021: Exhibition of Graveyard for Anonymous at FOMU, Antwerp, Belgium.

  • 2020: Exhibition of Unstable Balance at Médiatine, Wolubilis Cultural Center, Brussels, Belgium.

  • 2019-2020: Professor of Photography at the Institut René Cartigny, Brussels.

  • 2019: Unstable Balance selected for the Athens Photo Festival, Greece.

  • 2018: Exhibition of Unstable Balance at Contretype Gallery, Brussels, Belgium.

  • 2017: Featured project Unstable Balance at the Parlement Francophone Bruxellois, Brussels, Belgium.

  • 2016: Screening of Unstable Balance at Voies Off Festival, Arles, France.

  • 2016: Exhibition Unstable Balance at Les Boutographies, Montpellier, France.

Publications & Events

  • 2021: Portfolio from Graveyard for the Anonymous in .tiff magazine. Presentation at Unseen Festival, Amsterdam.

  • 2019: Presentation of the book Unstable Balance during Les Rencontres de la Photographie, Arles, France.

  • 2018: First presentation of the book Unstable Balance at Paris Photo, France.

Awards & Grants

  • 2023: Critics’ Choice of my project: When Travel is Open to the Unexpected at LensCulture Awards.

  • 2020: Unstable Balance selected at Prix Médiatine, Brussels, Belgium.

  • 2019: Finalist at Bourse du Talent, Paris, with Graveyard for the Anonymous project.

  • 2017: Finalist at Bourse du Talent, Paris, with Unstable Balance.

  • 2016: Coup de Coeur award for Unstable Balance from Réponses Photo magazine and Les Jours web newspaper.

Press & Media


  • 2013-2016: Artistic degree in Visual Arts, ESA le 75 - École Supérieure des Arts de l'Image Le Septante Cinq, Brussels, Belgium.

  • 2009-2013: Diploma in Photography, School of Photography and Visual Techniques, Agnès Varda, Brussels, Belgium.

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