Echoes of Identities explores the raw emotions of persons who do not fit the molds imposed by others.

My visual work aims to illuminate the unseen, the unheard, and those confronted with marginalization.
This project is a mirror that reflects the portraits I capture and my experiences as a person with a physical disability.
The images I create are a collaborative expression of shared experiences and struggles that is a symbiotic relationship between me and those involved.

During the creation process, I chose to take an intimate approach. I intended to entice the spectator into a thoughtful contemplation of different identities defined by struggles and resilience.
They live in different regions of the world. In areas where discrimination and social alienation are common.

@ Kamel Moussa. Copyright 2023. All Rights Reserved.

Beyond standards and societal obsessions, the depth of character, spirit, and experiences await genuine appreciation.

A metal cage, both a weight and a reprieve, anchors me to a reality I cannot escape. The Nile's waters flow endlessly, much like the duality of my existence—saved yet confined.

A momentary pause in a tide of movement, a young soul awaits.

Amidst a cold and vacant European city, the dreams of young immigrants bloom, undeterred by the icy rains that sweep through the silent streets.

Amidst a spectrum of Stereotypes, some stories echo from the shadows, waiting for their brilliance to be celebrated and acknowledged.

Pure and unbounded love sometimes finds itself confined, yearning for acceptance amidst a myriad of misunderstood essences.

Latifa is a Tunisian immigrant in Italy, her life was marked by years of suffering. In a moment of sheer despair, she set herself aflame, seeking a harrowing escape from an ex-husband's relentless abuse.

Rooted in one land and blossoming in another, souls traverse borders, seeking hope and a familiar sense of belonging amidst unfamiliar terrains.

My leg is a silent witness to my past challenges. But I feel no shame or regret in showing my transformed physique. It reminds me of my ability to face life's challenges.

Amidst the unspoken constraints, their hearts harbor a quiet yearning—a longing for a love that transcends the boundaries.

A hidden existence and years that are entwined in a quiet patience.