At the early stage of the Tunisian revolution, the watchwords were “dignity” and “social justice.” Henceforth, left to their fate, young Tunisians eke out an existence amidst tremendous despair.

I attempted to understand these young people and the one I was a few years ago. I question what looks familiar to me with a new perspective to capture bits of reality that have eluded me.

I feel alienated by this contemporary society and at once so intimately close to it.

I don’t know if the process I’m engaged in consists of rediscovering a family, Tunisia, or a lost heritage. But what I know is that for me, these portraits evoke the vulnerability and fragility of young Tunisian people.

The Tunisian Revolution had a profound impact on the country and its people. Although the aftermath of the revolution continues, young Tunisians are dealing with new challenges and uncertainties that have arisen.

Many years have elapsed since I moved to Europe. But each time I return to my homeland, the same question arises: what would I have become if I had stayed here?

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