The accident I endured has redrawn the contours of my existence, altering my body and opening a new page where my identity needed to be rebuilt. Faced with this new horizon, the urgency of creating an intimate project emerged, thus propelling me on a personal quest through the prism of transition.

I embarked on a journey through the echoes of sudden changes, each step offering a different resonance on the impact of these changes in my daily life. My project became an approach through which I could explore the consequences of my physical disability and its challenges.

While creating this project, reviewing my images became a meditative exercise. Each photograph immersed me in a palette of different emotional states: fear of anger and uncertainty to acceptance.

My introspection, along with my travels across various cultures, built bridges of resilience and rediscovery.

Thus, the unexpected and the uncertain have become familiar companions, capable of providing creative forces guiding me toward a deeper understanding of myself and my environment.

Nothing had prepared me for the drastic upheavals that were to shake my life. Yet, looking at the self portrait I made, more than a year before my accident, I cannot help but sense a dark foreboding, a suffocating atmosphere.

When all my senses began to panic, I tried to penetrate the veil that concealed my future. However, every attempt ended in failure, leaving me alone in the face of uncertainty.
Like a frightened child discovering a new world, while realizing that he has left the old one behind forever.

I feel like a stranger in my own skin. My new body still feels foreign and unfamiliar, as if I'm not quite myself yet. I wonder if I'll ever be able to accept it and feel physically comfortable. It's like a thick fog enveloping my mind, obscuring my vision and preventing me from seeing my place in the world clearly. Like a wandering ghost, desperately searching for its home.

Trying to catch up with one's past proves to be a futile and illusory quest. The elapsed time remains frozen in history and cannot be resurrected in the present. Thus, I leave behind regrets, remorse, and I move forward without burdening myself with unnecessary baggage.

Two worlds join, complement and challenge each other, offering a captivating vision of the duality of existence.

Time dissolved into an intangible cascade of ephemeral moments.

Dissolving into the watery embrace of the Mediterranean, i sought solace. Believing that immersion would accelerate the mending of my fragile essence.

Some years ago, I brushed against death's doors. However, I survived, but not without suffering irreversible scars on my body.

Are the scars I bear a testament to the divine grace that allowed me to survive? Are they merely the signs of divine punishment?

Travel transports me to lands where the past shines with all its glory and grandeur. It prompts me to stand tall, to take a step forward every day, with unwavering determination.

Crossing the boundaries of the ordinary, creating a moment that resonates with the very essence of my being. Going beyond mere physical substance.

Geographies of Contact: The Frontier Where Metal Colonizes Flesh.

Gravity has reversed, but the weight of years past still pulls stronger than before. Encased in unyielding stone, the quest for youthful freedom clashes with the constraining expectations of maturity.

An alchemist of fury, who, through lethal heat, forges wood into incandescent shards, exhaling a cloud of contained rage that suffocates her aspirations.

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